Pokémon GO at the start of the special event Week Adventure!

Another special event for Pokémon GO. Niantic has lifted the curtain on the Adventure Week, which kicks off on May 18 on iOS and Android devices. After a successful launch by the incredible, and a progressive distancing of users, Niantic Labs. in fact continues to support its Pokémon GO , augmented reality application dedicated to pocket critters home Nintendo , available for almost a year on iOS and Android devices.

Having revitalized the video game experience ‘touch screens’ with a series of special events the last in chronological order are the Water Festival in March and the Egg Festival in April -, the development team is preparing in fact, to entertain millions of coaches around the world with a new, big-time digression.

This is the Adventure Week , an event that will be held from 18 to 25 May 2017 . In this special week, as reported on the Pokémon GO official website , we will have the opportunity to meet, and thus capture shots of Pokeball, Rock-type Pokémon, as Aerodactyl or Omanyte, Kabuto and their evolutions.

Not only that, thanks to the upcoming special event concocted by Niantic, we will receive a greater number of objects from Pokéstop, the Poké Ball will be discounted by 50% in the in-game shop and our partner Pokémon find rare candies four times faster than normal. Finally, it added a new item in the wardrobe of our Avatar: The Adventure Hat !

We must not do is to be ready for tomorrow, then sprinkle your Poké balls and put on his cap: many Pokémon waiting to be caught! Pokémon GO is not the only way linked to the ‘big N’ to be featured on Google Play Store and AppStore.

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